Congratulations to the following members on gaining the qualifications indicated

1st Solo

Martin Gledhill    22/05/19

Mike Hemsworth 03/02/19

Paul Seaward     09/01/19

Paull Snowden    25/11/18

Tom Holt            17/11/18

Adam Driffill       22/07/18

Declan Clark      13/06/18

Chris Allan         10/06/18

Starr Casey        01/01/18

Jasper Fielding   15/08/17

John Tuck          13/08/17

Giles Garbutt     03/09/16

Ian Fereday       12/05/16

Chris Muse         03/04/16

Kevin Edwards    22/03/16

Michael Freeman    16/03/16

Yusef Forster       23/01/16

Jenny Handsley    05/07/13

Adrian Flello         10/11/12

Neil Smithson        22/09/12

Adam Stow           01/09/12

Paul Rogers          19/07/12

Tony Harris           21/07/12

Ben Swift              19/02/12


Qualifying Cross Country - solo

Declan Clark.    26/07/19

Paul Seaward.   26/06/19

Adam Driffill.    15/06/19

Mike Hemsworth 09/06/19

Paull Snowden  28/03/19

Jasper Fielding  05/05/18

Giles Garbutt.  01/07/17

Mike Freeman 13/04/16

Ian Fereday    30/07/16

Kevin Edwards 31/07/16

Neil Smithson    19/4/14 


PPL Skills Test

Declan Clark.     20/09/19

Mike Hemsworth 08/09/19

Paul Seaward    18/08/19

Adam Driffill      14/07/19 

Paull Snowden   07/05/19

Jasper Fielding  30/9/18

Giles Garbutt.    14/12/17

Ian Fereday       17/08/16

Kevin Edwards    13/09/16

Michael Freeman    22/04/16

Jenny Handsley   30/06/15

Neil Smithson    07/09/14

David Larder      06/03/12

Will Pool             29/01/12

Ben Swift           10/10/12

Heather Clack    19/12/12



David McCoy 8/02/12



Passenger lands plane at Humberside Airport after pilot falls ill

A passenger has landed an aeroplane at Humberside Airport after the pilot fell ill at the controls.

Police, fire and ambulance crews were called to the airport after the pilot collapsed and a distress call was made from the light aircraft.

Two flying instructors were called in to advise the passenger how to bring the plane down.

One of them, Roy Murray, said the passenger had no flying experience and did a "remarkable job".

<full story>(BBC)


Higher Flyer

The Frank Morgan School of Flying offers heartiest congratulations to former student pilot at FMSF Ashley Hadfield on his appointment as a First Officer with Ryanair.


Belgium or bust!

The fly-out to Belgium happened, but not quite according to plan! Three aircraft departed Humberside mid-morning on Friday 18th May, in IMC, en route Rochester.

Two hours later we arrived Rochester where we changed crews, fuelled, fed and filed flight plans. I must express our heartfelt thanks to Kelvin Carr and his staff for the welcome and service at Rochester.
We then flew IMC to mid channel, via DVR, whence we indulged in some scud-running across France to the Belgian border.

Kortrijk airfield, which appears to be in the centre of the town, was a very welcome sight.

Having parked and secured the aircraft, a short bus ride brought us to the, IBIS hotel in the centre of Kortrijk. No fees were payable at the airport, all fees, including landing, parking and fuel, would be invoiced later.

The following day, Saturday, we took the short train journey to Brugges for some shopping and sight-seeing. Very enjoyable. On Sunday we took the equally short train journey to Lille for a similar tourist type experience.

We should have flown home on Sunday afternoon, but the weather was not good - low cloud and fog. Another. Night at the IBIS!

On Monday the weather was equally foul, we decided to refuel the aircraft. Roy took G-BEAC to the pump and discovered that the low volts light stayed on. The Air Traffic Controller came up trumps when he found an engineer willing to look at the problem.

By Tuesday morning the faulty alternator was repaired. We took off in marginal VMC and indulged in some more scud-running across France to mid-channel, whence we flew mostly IMC to Rochester. Unfortunately, we arrived too late for the restaurant, so had to be satisfied with a cup of coffee before changing crews and returning to Humberside.

We must express our gratitude to the staff at Rochester and at Kortrijk for their welcoming attitude, co-operation and. general helpfulness in difficult circumstances.

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