Congratulations to the following members on gaining the qualifications indicated

1st Solo

Ian Fereday         12/05/16

Giles Garbutt       03/09/16

Chris Muse          03/04/16

Kevin Edwards      22/03/16

Michael Freeman   16/03/16

Yusef Forster        23/01/16

Jenny Handsley     05/07/13

Adrian Flello          10/11/12

Neil Smithson        22/09/12

Adam Stow           01/09/12

Paul Rogers          19/07/12

Tony Harris           21/07/12

Ben Swift              19/02/12





Ian Fereday       17/08/16

Kevin Edwards    13/09/16

Michael Freema  22/04/16

Jenny Handsley   30/06/15

Neil Smithson    07/09/14

David Larder      06/03/12

Will Pool             29/01/12

Ben Swift           10/10/12

Heather Clack    19/12/12



David McCoy 8/02/12


Solo Cross Country

Mike Freeman 13/04/16

Ian Fereday    30/07/16

Kevin Edwards 31/07/16

Neil Smithson    19/4/14


A look back at 2014

In 2014 the weather was kinder to us for  our  weekend fly-outs hence we were able to get five Saturday away days in as well as our main four day trip to Jersey.
The year started off on 15th March with a short fly-out to Elvington Museum, three aircraft did the trip and after enjoying a hearty breakfast in the café and good couple of hours looking round we made the return trip home to Humberside. 
‘AC coming into land at Elvington
My transport for the trip (‘YM) and crew Colin Londe (pilot) and instructor Edward Hawkins
Our next run out was on April 12th to Duxford. This was meant to be for a general aviation safety day with various lectures being held throughout day. It seemed to me though that most of the aircraft crews gave a lot of the lectures a miss and went for a good look round the museum, which I have to say was a lot more interesting.
Student pilot Catherine Greensmith doing pre-flight checks before leaving Humberside for DuxfordThe flight line from the air as we came into landLeaving the main fly out of the year  until  last our next weekend away day was 18th May to the annual general aviation safety day held at RAF Waddington. For once the air traffic controllers got a little over-wrought with all the light aircraft arriving and the aircraft I was in had to do 5 or 6 holding circuits of RAF Scampton before getting permission to land. Overall a very interesting day with lots information given out, including the work being done at RAF Waddington which sees it closed currently.
Taken as we came into land at RAF Waddington Just had to have one photo of our CFI Roy Murray at Waddington in front of the Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance. In June we did the double of Nottingham for a late breakfast - as you can tell by all the smiling faces - then on to Peterborough Conington for a coffee, before returning to HumbersideKeith Earnden in one of the Cessna 150’s with student prior to take-off from Nottingham to Conington
The last weekend trip of the year in September took us to Cranfield, and when the club members flying in G-BFYM  went to get sorted for the return trip they found the nose wheel tyre somewhat flat - hence a delayed return to Humberside. Had a wonderful surprise on the way back to Humberside in PA28 G BEAC.
I was flying the aircraft and as we neared Doncaster we got a radio call saying that the Vulcan XH558 had taken off for a display at Duxford and would be passing close-by. The CFI took over control and allowed me to get a couple of photographs looking down on the Vulcan, not something you get a chance  to do very often. He also waggled his BIG wing to acknowledge us.
The Vulcan which was about 800 ft below us. Happy after a full English breakfast!
The club’s main fly out of the year took place over the May bank holiday weekend. Four club aircraft, 2 Cessna 172’s and 2 PA 28’s and thirteen members did the trip. Everyone arrived early on the Friday hoping to get an early start. The good old English weather put paid to that and it was about 1100hrs before the first aircraft got away in dull conditions. All aircraft took the same basic route of SSE to our first stop off point after about two hours flying at Le Touquet. There we had a break for something to eat, refuel the aircraft and change round pilots for the second leg. 
Le Touquet on finals, note not a lot of aircraft on the pan, this was somewhat different on the return tripAfter a two hour break it was into the air again and onwards to Jersey via Deauville where we encountered some of the peculiarities of French air traffic control. We arrived at Jersey flying club at about 1600hrs and once all aircraft had booked in we were made most welcome. After getting transport sorted out it was off to the hotel to get freshened  up and following an evening meal and drink it was time for bed and a good night’s sleep.
The motley crew at the end of day one.
Day two started off with us all having the biggest “full English” I have ever seen or eaten at the flying club before spending the rest of the day doing the tourist bit by going to the War Tunnels and having a drive round the island finishing up at Gorey Bay for a coffee or a beer.  On our return to St Helier most of us went to the harbour to have a look round the boat show and watch the Sunset Ceremony being done by the Royal Marine’s. 
Day three was an island hopping flying day. Firstly we went off to Alderney, and as one member remarked in the café it was like landing on an aircraft carrier, out of the blue came the island and landing strip with water all round it. The island café had good profits this day because with 13 of us all wanting bacon butties and drinks it run out of buns and cups.
The crew of PA 28 G-BFYM Edward Hawkins Ian Wilkinson and Mike Toms at AlderneyThe leg from Alderney to Guernsey was an interesting one for me as I had to pilot our aircraft. I had just started the flying companion’s course and this was only the second time I had taken control. Flying at 1000ft with no clear horizon over water really did concentrate the mind. The landing at Guernsey was 90% the CFI and 10% me but a good learning experience for me. As it was when we landed back at Jersey.
One of the group’s Cessna 172’s landing back at Jersey Flying club with Catherine Greensmith in the back and Martin Lawton and Peter Schofield up front.
Monday dawned and it was time to start the journey back to Humberside, aircraft all checked and fuelled up, thanked the Jersey Flying club for their hospitably and set off on our way back. More or less the same route in reverse but avoiding landing at Deauville this time.  All going fine until we crossed into the air space around Le Touquet then it seemed that the air traffic controller just lost the plot and basically left us all to make our way into the  Le Touquet landing pattern. There the fun and games really started. With it being a nice sunny day aircraft from all over France and the UK decided to go to Le Touquet for a spot of lunch, and the ATC must have been pulling his/her hair out with all these aircraft wanting to land at around the same time. Still all made it safety onto the ground even if some had to do a few holding circuits.
See the change in number of aircraft from the picture of Le Touquet on the way out and on our return trip.My aircraft’s pilots Martin Lawton and Peter Schofield after being watered and fed ready for the last leg to Humberside. Many thanks for having me along guys.
After  having  a  two  hour  stop  over  for  lunch  we  continued  our  journey  back  to  Humberside,  all aircraft arriving back at the club safety between 1500 and 1600hrs after a very pleasant four days away.
Observant readers will note that as well as enjoying our flying good food and drink figures heavily in the choice of destinations for our trips away! 
Let’s hope for a similar good year for club fly-outs in 2015.
John Tuck


Saturday Fly-outs

The club will resume attempts to undertake a monthly fly-out, for students, PPLs and Instructors, in 2015

The third Saturday of each momth will be designated "Fly-out Day".

On these Saturdays there will be no normal lessons and no trial flights.

January 17th is the first intended occasion. (Destination to be decided)

See the club notice board for details.


A special invitation

Roy and the team would like to invite you to our

Christmas Celebration

to be held in the Club on

Saturday, 20th December 2014 from 2 pm onwards.

Christmas Fayre will be plentiful.

Please let me know if you wish to join us. Everyone welcome.


Frank Morgan School of Flying


Passenger lands plane at Humberside Airport after pilot falls ill

A passenger has landed an aeroplane at Humberside Airport after the pilot fell ill at the controls.

Police, fire and ambulance crews were called to the airport after the pilot collapsed and a distress call was made from the light aircraft.

Two flying instructors were called in to advise the passenger how to bring the plane down.

One of them, Roy Murray, said the passenger had no flying experience and did a "remarkable job".

<fully story>(BBC)